About us:

Welcome to the Inland Northwest's first self-swirl 'make-your-own-masterpiece' frozen yogurt shop! Spokane is packed with individualistic originality. Why not have a treatery innovated with you in mind? At Froyo Earth, you are the artist. Paint a creamy collage of sweet and sleek with flavors that rival ice-cream, or indulge your work with gem fruit toppings and tarts to sculpt your way to fruity fruition. The possibilities are endless with froyoers at the knob!

All of our yogurt is made with live and active yogurt cultures that are beneficial for the digestive tract. (S. thermophilus, L. bugaricus, L lactis and L. acidophilus). And having "Earth" in our name is no accident as we take our planet's health seriously too. All of our cups are biodegradable so you can treat yourself, and your planet!

Being 100% Eco-friendly, and Eco-trendly with locally created and global artwork, Froyo Earth is your ultimate yogurt endeavor- Locally owned and operated, we are here to serve you! Let us know how we are doing, and we will answer!

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'Treat Well- Be Healthy!'